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Welcome to Refuah-Shelayma.org the great new site that helps get the word out about any cholah (sick person), to thousands of people davening, in just minutes!

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Our First Fund-Raiser Ever

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Click Here to Donate through Jewcer.com we are almost at our goal!

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Do you…learn with a chavrusa?
Learn after Minyan?
Learn in a Kollel or Yeshiva?
Read some tehillim while on the train?
Why not have a cholah in mind and use the full potential of your learning.
Now you can have any number of cholim names to have in mind while learning.
Do you do none of the above? No worries, receive a small inspirational 30 second piece of Torah with your cholim names each day.

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Cholim daily mailer sign up

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The engine behind our organization are those who sign up to receive our mailer. You are the most essential portion of this organization, even if we were to have only 1 sick person listed, having thousands pray for that one person is unbelievably powerful. Sign up to receive the name of a cholah with a 3 sentence D’var Torah.


By linking Kollels and Yeshivas which have thousands of talmidum learning all day from around the world, we have enabled a crucial link between those learning and those in need.
Are you learning in a Kollel or Yeshiva? Get an e-mail of 50 names and distribute 1 to each person during shiur.
You can also sponsor a yeshiva or kollel for a shloshim siyum.
Or create a concise, up to date and accurate community or shul cholim list. As a nation Klal Yisroel must unite and truly care for one another. Through our prayers may Hashem see our most sincere of intentions and bring Mashiach now.
As we continue to invest into the site we will have even more customizable options for your cholah list delivery.

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Tehilim Tidbits:

Learn which tehillim to say for what? Make your Tefillos that much more powerful and meaningful.

Participating Kollels and Yeshivas:

View the growing list of Kollel’s and Yeshiva’s who have joined, dont see yours there? Get them signed up todayMore…


Sponsor a siyum for a recently passed loved one; choose from several yeshiva’s and kollel’s, min $400 donation required.


Each day we will have a story of another cholah on our list in need of our precious tefillos.. More

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